Nick Reynolds (@nicholasjreynolds), TJ Mccaffrey (@tjmccaffrey), Bill Preston (@billy_the__kidd), Tony Eisenhauer (@tonytoaster_)
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Video by Bill Politis

Nick Reynolds

Nick Reynolds first started riding around age 8, his first bike was Suzuki JR50. He rode dirt bikes and quads during his teen years and then began riding street bikes around 2009, his first stunt shows were on street bikes. Nick currently rides a 2014 Harley Davidson Lowrider as shown below.


Tony Eisenhauer

Tony Eisenhaur has been on two wheels since the age of 4. His first bike was a Yamaha PW-50. He started racing motocross as early as he could all the way up until age 22 on a Honda CRF250r in the B Class. Tony picked up his first Harley in 2012 and fell in love with them since. He started doing Harley wheelies in 2014 when he bought his first Dyna, 2002 Superglide Sport FXDX. Tony met Nick, TJ, and Billy on Instagram and they started riding together, realizing they all rode well together Tony decided to join the team.

Bill Preston

Bill got his first dirt bike when he was three years old and it was a Suzuki JR 50. Ever since then it's been total mayhem. He grew up riding and driving everything from two wheels to four wheels. Bill never had anything new so most of his bikes were way too big for him but he made it work because there was no way he wasn't riding. He never raced in competition just always rode with friends in the woods and on the streets. After high school all of Bill's friends bought Harley's. Bill's grandfather grew up racing top fuel Harley's and his dad always had a bike, hell even Bill's girlfriend had one before he did. In 2015 he was finally convinced to get one and he bought a 1991 FXR that he now currently rides. His friends sucked him into trying wheelies and burnouts which eventually led to what he does today and he wouldn't trade anything in the world for it.